Why Affordable Broadband Services In USA Wins Over the World

Broadband users in the United States have the choice of three types of broadband provision: cable, satellite or SDL. Not all of these are available in every area; some operate in a specific local area whilst others offer a service across many states. Dial-up services are also still quite common in the U.S.


U.S Internet Providers

The majority of U.S internet providers diversify into other areas of telecommunication or digital services, such as web hosting and e-commerce. Some, like Comcast cable, specialize in ultra high-speed internet access, whilst others offer all round services in packages to suit every budget.
The main internet providers (ISPs) and their brand names are listed below. Most supply both residential and business packages.

Comcast – Xfinity
 Comcast is the largest and best-known cable supplier in the U.S. Its coverage includes the District of Columbia plus 39 other U.S states and they supply business services as well as residential ones. They market a variety of competitive packages including ‘Triple Play’, which includes home telephone services plus cable TV and internet with speeds up to 30mbps. PC Mag declared the Comcast cable internet service as the fastest in the country for 2011.

Cablevision – Optimum
 Cable vision offer high-speed cable internet, digital TV and home telephone services. Coverage is New York City plus surrounding areas and the Rocky Mountain States of Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Both residential and business customers are catered for. Their all-inclusive ‘Triple Play’ packages vary in price according to the features chosen and come with the option of ‘Extreme’, which increases internet speed up to 50mbps.

EarthLink – EarthLink
 EarthLink offer nationwide coverage to commercial and residential clients. Their residential services include all forms of internet access. This includes dial-up, cable, DSL and satellite with packages incorporating a home telephone service. Speeds for high-speed internet services vary according to location. Their business packages can be individually tailored to include more diverse options, such as web hosting, networking, cloud computing and teleconferencing.

Time Warner Cable – Roadrunner
 Time Warner Cable is a Manhattan-based American cable telecommunications company whose coverage extends to serving residential cable customers in 28 states. It is expected to branch out into cloud and hosting services in 2012. It also contracts its service out to other cable providers, in competition with ISPs owned by phone companies.

Verizon – Verizon High Speed Internet
 Verizon is a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) internet supplier. This means that users are supplied with their internet service via their home telephone line. The achievable availability and internet speed is determined by the overall distance from the originating point of the DSL signal to the property, known as ‘loop length’.

AT&T is also a DSL internet supplier that has connections with Yahoo! Its services are provided via a number of telecommunications companies including Pacific Bell, Prodigy, Ameritech and SNET. Their packages include both standalone broadband or broadband and phone. Availability and speed is generally determined by area and phone supplier, with high-speed options only available in limited areas.

The decision when choosing an internet package that includes other media comes down to two main factors, namely cost and internet speed. If speed is of the essence, one of the best services to choose is the award-winning Comcast cable package. If you are looking for a cheap package and only require casual use of the internet, a dial-up internet connection is the most economical and is available from several reliable ISPs.

Guest Post by Eva k is a market surveyor who has a thorough knowledge of the latest technology, especially in the field of technology and internet. She has written many articles on Comcast cable as well as other latest services and gadgets which are presently craze of the market.