Upgrading Windows 7 on a phone the latest version of the software

Windows 7 was launched, and they are buying phones every geek to check only the characteristics of these devices and compare with other devices. The majority of smart phones these days, a new update every few weeks in order to provide you with the latest features, is in line with the device hardware. In this article we will discuss how to update Windows 7 and the telephone equipment casino online and the latest version.

All updates will be available through Windows Update zune software which will notify you whenever a new update for your phone. In fact, the introduction of the 4.7 version of the software zune phone will coincide with the launch of Windows 7 is to emphasize that, zune service and the company”s latest Windows Mobile platform is closely related.

Next follow this procedure –

In the beginning, the film set from the App list and tap Settings icon. Click the phone updated

If the update is available to install on your phone, then you can update by connecting the device to computer through USB cable.

Next click on Settings> Phone> Update under the Zune software.

But the computer must have enough space to download the updates because the update is very important, if you don’t have enough space hard drive, you can get Low disk space warning on computer, and then you will some of your data to another drive, or remove all useless files on the computer.