Two Excellent Asus Netbooks of 2012

Today, we all want to remain in touch with our friends and family on the go and therefore, we give due preference to netbooks. In order to attract our attention toward them, leading manufacturers come with latest models and great deals on Netbooks. Although different companies come with a lot of netbooks this year but according to my viewpoint and analysis, only two netbooks from Asus can meet your demand.

  1.  Asus Eee PC 1016P

I considered it as the best netbooks of 2012 since it combines with excellent interface, design and battery power. When you charge it battery then you are in a position to work with it up to 13 hours. Moreover, it is a compact netbook having a light weight so it would never be difficult for you to carry it with you everywhere you want. What I like most in this netbook is its interface which is simple and easy to use. It is powered by a single core atom processor but still it allows the user to enjoy smooth browsing and communication experience. Whenever you need a supreme portable device with long battery life and compactness, only Asus Eee PC 1016P will be there to satisfy your need.


  1.  Asus Eee PC 1215N

Another perfect netbook which satisfies my requirements a lot is Asus Eee PC 1215N. Nvidia optimus technology and extra-ordinary smooth performance makes this netbook my second choice; first is Eee PC 1016P.  I ranked it on second number since it has lower battery life than Eee Pc 1016P; you are able to run this device on battery for almost 7 hours. What makes it quite desirable for you is its HD display that lets you to see everything more clearly than before. This netbook is featured with nice interface. It runs Windows 7 home premium so you are free to expand the memory whenever you want. In case you are looking for a netbook which lets you to browse smoothly and clearly then without any doubt, Asus Eee PC 1215N has launched for you.

Now it’s up to you to pick one Asus  netbook which best suits to your requirements.