Top Windows 7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Computer Work Faster

As great as computers are, they can cause a lot of confusion and problems in addition to making our lives easier, especially when they are not cared for properly and not used right.  While we are going about searching the internet from day to day, many of us are taking various steps throughout the day that affect our computer’s performance.  All of these actions that we take can result is a slow running computer which is something that nobody really wants to deal with.  Even those individuals who only use their computers for entertainment surely want a computer that performs, at least to some degree, hassle free.  The good news is, you can get any computer to perform better by following a few simple Windows 7 tips and tricks to make your computer work faster.


Remove Unused Programs – Many novice to intermediate computer users are surprised to find out how much unused programs can affect the performance of their computers.  The truth is, having a lot of programs installed that you do not use means taking up valuable space that can be used for things that you actually need stored on your computer.  As your memory fills up more and more, you computer’s performance begins to suffer.  Removing these programs can result in avoidance of any major issues associated with overloading the computer’s memory.

Clear the Computer’s Cache – Another factor that may could be contributing to a slow running computer could be involved with the internet files cache.  This is where temporary information that is picked up while searching the internet is stored.  Clearing the cache is considerably easy, a simple matter of finding the internet options and selecting the right button.

Cut Back on Start-Up Programs – If you have ever noticed that your computer takes a little bit to get going when you start it up, it could be due to the number of programs that automatically start up-upon start-up.  These programs can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  The settings for some of these can be changed by right clicking on the icon, while others may have to be changed by going to the control panel .

Clean Up the Computer’s Registry – The registry is also commonly the culprit when a computer is not running up to par.  While this may not be as easy to take care of as other issues, the registry can be cleaned and repaired.  There are numerous registry cleaning programs out there designed specifically for this issue.  In many cases they are inexpensive and do not take all that long to run either.

De-fragment the Computer’s Hard Drive – Finally, it is important to De-fragment your computer periodically, which many computer owners already know.  If you have never done so though, it is important to understand how important this is regarding your computer’s overall general performance.  The De-fragmenting program comes standard in all personal computers, so there is little reason why not to take this step.

If your computer is running slowly there is a good chance that one of these tips or tricks can fix the issue.  If not it may be time to have a professional see what they can do before rushing out to buy a brand new computer.

Guest Post by Sarah Hoekstra who is a professional Guest blogger. Writing for PC Keeper – useful software that also contains disk cleaner and registry cleaner.