Top 6 Tips To Speedup MacBook – Tips Which You Will Not Find Anywhere else

Everyone loves to speed up the Macbook and it can be considered even if you will have to spend some extra cash on it. For instance, It would really boost the performance of your MacBook if you install a 4 GB of RAM. You will feel that your laptop is running pretty smooth. But how about if I will give you some tips to speed up the system for free? Here are 6 different must do’s that would bring smoothness to your computer.


  • First to discuss is the cleaning up of unnecessary files. To start with, you must go with the cleanup operation involving clearing the desktop. It is very essential that you keep your desktop clean from unnecessary files as it will make the startup and other operations slower. This is because when the computer starts, the desktop is the one of the very first locations that is checked by the processor. Having more files and empty shortcuts means that those would also be checked by the processor and therefore, the processor’s cycles would be wasted. No useless files in this regard means no waste of processing and the computer would run smooth.
  • Another matter of contemplation is to make the startup faster. Startup of the MacBook is the time that makes the user frustrated is the process is slower. The most common mistake that we do is that we make most of the programs to be loaded in the startup. Though, it looks very good that your favorite programs would be loaded and you will find those programs ready to use but it is really not necessary. You can start that particular program manually so that you will only have to give your 10 seconds extra. Moreover, if you have installed the active casino spiele monitor program, it is very good consideration that you are following as it will make you keep an eye on the processes and resources.
  • Another good option for speeding the system is to disable the desktop widgets. It will be done in pretty good way if you disable the dashboard. The widgets actually occupy a lot of memory and bring the computer down to perform slower. With the disable operation, you will definitely get the best results. It will really make no difference if you are not creating fancy looks in the desktop by making videos to be played automatically
  • It is recommended that you keep your computer clean from unnecessary files is holding the command with options with ‘p’ and ‘r’. Though, this option is only considered to speed up the system but it doesn’t actually make the things working even faster.
  • There would be the option of clearing the nonvolatile memory. It would be better if you choose this option time to time. It will make you have maximum performance of your MacBook.
  • Another very considerable option is to make sure that your computer is not running any program uselessly. If you are not using the internet or you are using cable for internet usage, it makes no sense to leave the wireless adapter tuned on. It will definitely be taking the computer’s resources at some extents.

With considerations discussed above, you will definitely be able to enhance the performance of your MacBook.

Guest Post by Sarah Hoekstra who is a professional Guest blogger. Writing for MacKeeper-useful software that will help you with Mac fix and Mac scan.