Top 3 Web Browsers for Mobile Phones

Since the inception of mobile phones, the technology has been progressing at a blinding speed. The latest incarnation includes smart phones that do everything… minus washing the dishes! One thing all of these models have in common is the need for a quality web browser. Finding a browser comes down to personal preference because everybody likes different features.

Opera Mini


One of the most popular mini browsers on the market today is the Opera mini that combines ease of use with cost saving features. Features like tabbed browsing which allow a person to open multiple web pages without having to open a separate window for each one. The mini browser has a unique way to save money for clients who uses it once in a while as compared to ones who use it every day.

In order to save money, the Opera mini uses up to a tenth of the total bandwidth. How does it do this? Using state of the art technology, the mini compresses the website by up to 90%. The result is an internet browsing at the fraction of the cost as other browsers regardless of the internet providers.



UCWEB is new to individuals in Europe and America, but it has been around in China for quite some time and is one of the more advanced browsers available. This browser offers tabbed browsing and a password management tool, both of which are extremely helpful on the net. Other features include an ability to download files from the phone onto a computer and synchronize bookmarks between the phone and PC.



Teashark is also ranked high in the list of mobile phone web browsers. Options such as full-screen browsing, smart URL suggestions and full-text select and find functions are helping it make a name for itself. The browser is still in its beta phase so some bugs do remain; however, when the finished product is released, it promises to be a contender.
One important aspect to remember when surfing the web on a mobile phone is that the cost can accumulate very quickly

Guest article by Ruben Corbo who is a writer for the website Broadband Expert.