Tips to Buy Used College Textbooks

textbooks-for-saleWhen you buy used college textbooks online, there’re some factors you have to consider, many students make mistakes because they’re in a hurry to get the books.

First, check the integrity of the website you are going to be buying from; has it got an overall professional appearance? Does it have a verified business logo on the upper right or bottom of the page? If the site looks even slightly shady, don’t buy books from it. You can never be too careful.

Then learn about the seller, read his profile and go through the feedback they have gotten, see if they had cheated anybody else earlier. Also make sure that the site has a refund feature; if you by any chance get a wrong book or a textbook different from the one you ordered, you can request compensation.

Amazon is arguably the best site to buy used college textbooks from. If you get something different from what you supposedly bought, they will refund you. Another reason to buy from amazon is the experience and reputation they have. Having sold thousands of books before, they have lots of it.

If you buy from a new, inexperienced seller, in addition to the risk of them being dishonest, their inexperience might cause other problems as well.

There’s another thing; be skeptical about the mentioned quality of the book. Most sellers tend to describe their book as being in ‘very good condition’ while it really isn’t; you’d do that too if you wanted to sell your book.

You also have to consider the shipping charges; a given textbook can be exceptionally cheap, but have overwhelming shipping charges- charges so high that another book that’s more expensive but has lesser shipping charges would be cheaper on the overall. So take that took into consideration when you buy college textbooks online, don’t buy a book just because it’s cheap; check the shipping charges as well.

Armed with this knowledge, you can buy college textbooks for cheaper and have more money at your disposal this semester.

Buying used college textbooks will save money, buying used college textbooks online will save even more and renting them will save some more.

Guest post byAmit Sehgal on behalf of Bookase.