The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

How often you can’t access your mobile Internet because of poor 3g signal? Why do these problems appear?

The poor reception of 3g signal from the base station is usually caused by the remote location of the most mobile base stations of cell operators and (or) high building density in the surrounding terrain, which prevents the penetration of radio waves.

Also it can be the big congestion of mobile base stations. Many people noticed that on weekdays during working hours the rate is falling and at night many times increased. This is caused by the large number of customers that are starting to use a resource nearby the mobile base station, so each subscriber gets a smaller share of the Internet.

The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

So how this problem can be resolved? There are some variants to choose. But the most efficient is the 3g booster that will help you to be always in touch via your cell phone and be aware of all news.

3g signal repeater is the amplifier, operating in the mobile standard UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). 3G is the technology of mobile communication that includes a set of services that combine both high-speed mobile access to the Internet services and the voice transmission technology.

As a matter the 3g signal booster is the whole system, consisting of elements: the 3g amplifier itself, an internal aerial, an external antenna, cables and a power supply. What is the scheme of connecting the 3G repeater? The external antennal accepts a 3g signal from mobile base stations of cellular operators, further the signal is broadcast on the 3g repeater via the coax cable. The 3g booster strengthens the 3G signal and by internal antennas the signal is extended indoors.

The important advantage of this variant is the unlimited number of simultaneously working 3g modems and phones of all operators indoors. The 3g signal amplifier can significantly increase the speed of a 3G modem; they aren’t adhered to the one place (free movement indoors). And you get all this at rather low cost of such 3g repeater.

So, if you want really high-quality 3G coverage in your house or office, the best variant is to install the amplifier, based on 3G.

Guest Post By lia Robbinson from myamplifiers.