The future is out of the cloud

Why do I have a feeling the idea of  Ray Ozzie’s vision of a “Post-PC” world is nothing new. I look forward to read it a number of different, but it is an inspirationalspeech on how “continuous service”and not a cloud computing center computing equipment in the future. It’s a bit baffling, some people see this as if it is the idea of some of Daxin, when it is all techie “vision ” is talking about this year.

Also some puzzling, he has seen these views expressed doubts, it is how the world for decades, but it seems me, we almost. Many procedures have been online. These applications, while most people use computers is now the majority of all Internet access, and you do not need more in one visit. In fact, most people do not need no more than a TV, perhaps a console, and a digital.

Therefore, in my opinion, this idea of the future device applications and thin cloud customer service is part of Outlook, what happened today, and in the near future, we are roaring rapid. Perhaps this is why Microsoft is late, a lot of new trend. They have done a lot to see around, announced in the future, then working for relevance.

Only in the affirmative, the computer is dead, not all can do PC can do, but also with cloud applications, but can not do is more of a long tail of the core, than the trend. In any case most people have computers to do now * cloud, a large number of transition is to do so.
Therefore, if this amazing new “future ” cloud computing already exists, or core, it at least, this means that the real future, really great thing, there are other things. Talk about the future and a vision of cloud computing, said he does not let me. What, let me talk about the future of cloud computing, this great big unknown.

A Post-Cloud World

Let’s talk after the cloud world. It appears that cloud computing is also special emphasis on German drama has always been a constant in the world of computing; increasing the power per watt and per square centimeter device. This is understandable, considering that some time ago mobile phones and tablets are not appropriate thin client as they are today.
However, this limit has passed, and now may be squeezed more and more computing power smart phones, tablet, let alone a notebook computer to be simple than the Thin Client clouds. If we believe that people of insight in cloud computing, this additional power is that they get more than necessary. They pointed out that the increase in power no longer matters, at least not for the consumer device is not even necessary.
I do not know, everyone is in peace in forecasting, however, especially when we look back, look at the big picture it means that across the technology consumers and suppliers. This means that consumers are basically throwing cheap digital technology, is completely and totally dependent on external sources of all of its useful applications.
This is a consumer want? Or is this just a dream business interested in their users, depend on them? their “ideal ” seems to be an invention of the future will be to make money, they will Occurred.
Have a chance, “consumer” used to maintain this situation. Cloud computing may be, is today through the EN-Mas or even in the near future, as it is currently defined for convenience. However, to return, more and more power to reshaping a smart phone, a convenient “thick client “, with all the equipment you need to build the strength of the beginning of the competition in May to facilitate cloud computing.
The only reason cloud computing more convenient because all the government today is to keep these applications in their own device is too complicated, but more capable of providing electrical power and means as it may really start to change.
To set up their own Internet services and applications stored in the main server, you may become as long as you plug in the box easy to choose what kind of applications, you want to serve. At this point you become your own cloud and the Internet is a middleman.
Enter the technical invention may make it able to use these small supercomputers, and even do not like bulky around the keyboard and mouse gesture recognition technology, eye tracking, retinal projectors, and even brain-computer interface. Also, if you can tutorial, much power into a smart phone can also be a notebook computer tutorial is an effective way to have input (keyboard + multitouch pad).
So perhaps when the business leaders look to the future, they should take into account all the trends, not just the power of customers who seem inclined to make them more dependent on their business. Otherwise, they fall into the concept of advocacy to build a single, desperate, this is a good way to create popular.
As we look to the future, we should think of each person authorized by the damage, the least cost or convenience, and now power. This is to give each person what they really want, no compromise, and to ensure that no one is lacking something.
Which is placed between the back of thin and thick clients, I said. In the history of computing that seems to have repeated. First, we have the host and end-user thin, then our computers, all in a (thick), then we are back to the host terminal and the form of “cloud services. ” Guess the next step? Yes, you become a smart phone or use your computer, but more powerful.