The Correct Way to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business Marketing

Many businesses are continuing to take advantage of the many opportunities that social networking offers. It’s not only a great way to market a brand and its services, but it can be a successful tool to build a steady and reliable customer base. Many family owned businesses take advantage of cheap web hosting to start their company website in order to share basic store information as well as provide an inventory list to potential customers.

 These types of businesses are now turning to social networking as a new way to share their company information and bring in more sales. Facebook and Twitter are just two social media websites that offer free services to many businesses. With this option, businesses no longer have to worry about building a website and dealing with the fees associated with keeping their website running. These businesses are finding that social networking can be an easy and preferable way to increase a brand’s exposure.

 Twitter and Facebook operate in different ways, and it’s important for businesses to understand how to use each online platform effectively. This will allow a company to get the results that it’s looking to achieve.
Facebook was originally designed with the idea of replicating a traditional yearbook. The creator wanted to make it easier for students to learn the names and faces of fellow classmates. Facebook has continued to evolve in new ways, but still focuses on the art of one-on-one communication.

Facebook makes it possible to do the following:

  • Facebook makes it easy for a company to interact with its customer base
  • With the use of Facebook, a company is able to gather opinions and feedback from its customers
  • Customers are able to learn more about the brands that they love

Facebook is a great way for customers to learn about a brand. It is a more challenging platform to reach out and get customers to visit a store or take advantage of a sale.

A business should use Facebook to make customers feel more informed and that their needs and wants are respected. Updates should be posted on a regular basis, but should only include relevant and useful information. Facebook updates may include the following:

  • Announcing new products or services
  • Announcing a special or sale
  • Announcing a company event


Facebook shouldn’t be used in a similar manner as Twitter. A company should use Facebook to reach out to customers in order to ask their opinions and get their feedback on products and services. It’s also a great way to thank customers for their business and to ask to recommend the brand to friends and family members. With the use of built in loyalty applications, Facebook makes it easier for a company to reward customers for their continued business and to encourage customers to spread the word about their experiences.

Twitter, is best used for short updates. Its short message limit is meant to be compatible with SMS messaging systems, which makes it easy for users to make updates from their mobile phone. While Twitter is an easier and faster platform, it has some limitations. Twitter can be a great outlet for a company that is looking to update customers on an instantaneous basis.

Small businesses got their start with Twitter with the small bakery truck world. Bakers were looking for a way to bring their baked goods closer to their customers. They bought old ice cream trucks and drove around to different areas in order to sell their goods. As they became more popular, they used Twitter as a means to inform loyal customers of their current location and the current specials.

This example shows the perfect use of Twitter. Because the bakeries were sharing time sensitive information, the use of short and fast Twitter updates were the perfect way to reach customers. It was also a great way to reach a wide range of customers within a matter of seconds.

Twitter became a great marketing tool for many snack businesses. This includes some of the following:

  •  Snack shops
  • Mobile snack carts
  • Liquidation outlets

Twitter was a great platform for these types of businesses because companies were easily able to share a small amount of information quickly.

Twitter is also a great platform for businesses that are looking to increase exposure and prepare for future successes. As a company builds its follower base, it’s easily able to share special announcements in the future without the added expenses and risks associated with other forms of advertisement, such as newspapers.

Many businesses take advantage of the free dedicated servers and hop on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon without thinking through their marketing efforts. It’s common for businesses to use the social networking platforms incorrectly to post pointless updates. This makes it difficult for customers to want to follow certain company social networking profiles.

Both Facebook and Twitter need to be used correctly in order to get the desired results. A company should use these social networking tools to promote their brand, its uniqueness, as well as hot it can be beneficial to customers. It should not be used to share pointless information with the world.

Twitter should be used to do the following:

  • Brief, time-sensitive and relevant updates
  • Important upcoming announcements
  • A current special of sale

Facebook should be used to do the following:

  • Build a community of customers
  • Communicate with the customer base
  • Encourage feedback in order to benefit the brand

With the correct use of social networking, a business is able to successfully bring in more customers and sales. It can be a beneficial addition to a company’s marketing efforts.

 Guest Post by Jason Nash, who is an advertising writer from Jason writes about technologies, gadgets, social media and online internet marketing strategies.