The best iphone apps for Australia travel

the-best-iphone-apps- for-Australia -travelAustralia is a pretty big place, and exploring it completely could take you a lifetime. However, technology, and Smartphone technology in particular, is constantly making it easier for us explore the fun found down under. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re probably already addicted to the handy little gadget, but wait until you hear about the travel apps that could make your trip to Australia extra special.

  • TripIt


Tripit is an excellent app for anyone who has a long or complicated journey planned. It will store all of your transport and hotel bookings in a way that’s really easy for you to check. It can hook up with your gmail account or you can forward your bookings as you make them, ideal if you’re going to be checking in and out of a lot of places on your way.

  • Footprints Travel Guides


Once you get to Australia, you’re going to want to explore – and what better tour guide is there than one you can slip right in your pocket? With this handy app, you’re able to find travel guides to help you experience the best of Australia, from the big cities to the outback.

  • Around Me


When you’re on holiday, you can sometimes end up walking in circles to find something that was already just round the corner to begin with. With Around Me you’ll never have to trek blindly for a café, restaurant or cash machine again, as the app will be able to tell you how close you are to all of these essentials.

  • Fotopedia Heritage


Be sure you’re learning about the sites as well as seeing them, with this Fotopedia Heritage. Made by Fotonauts and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, this is full of photos and information about some of Australia’s best-loved spots.

  • HelpCall


The last thing you want to be thinking about on holiday are disasters, but if you want to know you’ve got access to the emergency services wherever you are, this is the app for you. It has a really simple interface, and will provide you with the numbers you need in an emergency – no matter what borders you cross.

Of course, one of the biggest barriers people have when it comes to visiting Australia is the cost of getting there. Luckily, there are also apps out there like Skyscanner’s flight search app to help you deal with that. Of course you could just use the main Skyscanner website but why bother when there’s an App for that.

james_guest_author_techinsertGuest Post by James who is a travel and tech blogger based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.