Employers Request Social Media Passwords

it is not uncommon for employers and colleges to browse the social networking accounts of their applicants as part of the selection process. As a result, many users are now more wary than they might once have been about the information which they share publicly, and most make good use of the privacy settings offered by Facebook, which can significantly restrict how much information can be seen by others.


Do Mac Computers Need Antivirus Softwares?

While the number of worldwide computers has reached more than one billion, the spyware and malware attacks have also massively increased. Currently, it has rather become a Russian roulette to keep a personal computer, laptop and even a tablet or a smart phone without running at least one firewall, spyware detector and a high performance antivirus program.


[Free Download] Comodo Internet Security PRO 2011 with 1 year free license

Now using a good antivirus is a necessary for all to keep their PC secure. But maximum antivirus applications are limited for 1 month use in trail period. Then you have to buy license to continue with that. But such few applications are available for 1 year with a free license. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is one of them. It protects against viruses and Internet attacks for our Windows PC completely. It’s interesting feature is that Windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7 are supported and also both 32-bit & 64 bit versions are supported.


How to Surf the Web Securely With Your Browser?

The most popular browsers currently are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, however Google Chrome is another that proves to be one of the best. Regardless of which browser you use, you always want to ensure that your web surfing is safe and secure at all times. Regardless of the amount of plug-ins on the computer, you can still pick up infections on your system as well as compromise personal information if you are careless. The choice of the best browser is up to personal choice as all the top providers aim to integrate the latest and best security advances into the applications.

Enable 2-Step Account Verification

Google has introduced two steps Account verification for some of its Google Apps accounts back in September 2010. Now this extra security feature will included for all Gmail users. If you are a Gmail user then either you have already got this in your account or you are going to get it soon….