[How to] Identify an image using Google Image Search

If you have an image or photo in your computer and you want to search more similar photo or want to know about the picture then what to do?

Google helps you in that kind of problem. A few days ago Google attach this special feature in Google Image Search. It is not a simple task to search that kind of information. Unique snaps with different background color makes it complex. But Google will search and give you a best result regarding your image.


18 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With your Photo

Do you want to create some fun stuff with your pictures? Then check out the following websites. Surely these will keep you busy for couple of time. In this article I have shortlisted some interesting online Photo Editing websites where you can enhance your nice photographs with few clicks. Now you can easily create funny, interesting, amazing photos without having any kind of knowledge of photo editing. Most of them are free for you and also very easy to use. Let’s check it out….