Top Windows 7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Computer Work Faster

As great as computers are, they can cause a lot of confusion and problems in addition to making our lives easier, especially when they are not cared for properly and not used right. While we are going about searching the internet from day to day, many of us are taking various steps throughout the day that affect our computer’s performance. All of these actions that we take can result is a slow running computer which is something that nobody really wants to deal with. Even those individuals who only use their computers for entertainment surely want a computer that performs, at least to some degree, hassle free. The good news is, you can get any computer to perform better by following a few simple Windows 7 tips and tricks to make your computer work faster.


A Digital Slate named NoteSlate

A color 13-inch display takes up most of the front panel of the device with ONE TOUCH ability just with pen or eraser. The screen measures 190 x 270 mm and 210 x 310 x 6 mm thin body. Its weight is 280 g and approximately 180 hours of battery life. Connectivity includes a USB port, SD-slot, 3.5-mm jack and power (AC/DC 12 volts). Also Wi-Fi module is available on request with order. The resolution (claimed as 100 ppi) seems low for E Ink. It’s not designed to handle photos or fancy graphics. But it has no web browsing capabilities.