Block Adult Contents in your Browser

I am writing this post for all parents who are very much concerned about their children. As they can’t observe their child’s internet activity at all times. But among all websites in internet, there are many websites may not be suitable to minors for their sexual contents. So here is the solution which is provided by Microsoft on their Internet Explorer browser. It will surely ensure you that your children don’t see any types of sexual contents.


How to add websites in your blacklist using Firefox

Now a day’s WWW world fields with millions websites. By some of them you may addicted, some are seriously important to you or some are totally useless to you. Now I am talking about those useless sites. If you want to block those unwanted website in Mozilla Firefox then go for a free Blocksite add-on. It is a simplest way to block some websites of your choice in Mozilla Firefox. It will disable all hyperlinks to these websites. It also provides a password protected feature that helps to block unwanted changes by strangers.