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Top four ways to make money through your Blogs

Now Blogging is very much well known program for make money online. There are millions of public blogs exist around the whole web. Everyday hundreds of blogs are created. Money is the main reason behind all of these blogs. In my view Blogging is not the easiest way to make money online but you can say it is a best way to make money online. Here I am going to describe best four ways to make money through your blog.


[How To] Get Free IPL 4 Live scores updates on your mobile

I think 2011 is going to be a busy one for cricket fans. And Especially in India now cricket looks like as a famous festival. Just few days after Cricket world cup 2011 [INDIA becomes the World ChampionJ], IPL 4 started with its own glamour on 8th April, 2011. By getting some advantages of cricket mania, Some Mobile service providers serve cricket updates such as live score, latest information regularly by a few monthly subscription rates.

But here we have listed a free SMS Alert channels for you so that you can keep yourself updated with the live scores, information, latest information etc during the tournament.


How can I improve my blog’s alexa rank?

I hope this is the most frequent question which comes in all bloggers mind. Especially for those who are new in blogging. There are lots of debates on this topic. Many bloggers have their own views about alexa. (89FBMPUKUBJ8) I think alexa rank has a great role on advertising. And it is the best ranking system in the world. Here I will share some useful tips to increase Alexa rank of your blogs.

Enable 2-Step Account Verification

Google has introduced two steps Account verification for some of its Google Apps accounts back in September 2010. Now this extra security feature will included for all Gmail users. If you are a Gmail user then either you have already got this in your account or you are going to get it soon….

Google Launching Desktop Notifications for emails and chat messages

Do you use Google Chrome and Gmail?

Then you may be interested in Desktop notification, new features of Google. In many cases, you may be on another browser window, missed some important conversations or e-mail which you received in your Gmail. Now, you will not miss any conversation, Google has informed the html5 based desktop notification pop-up message whenever new mail or a chat message arrives.