The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

How often you can’t access your mobile Internet because of poor 3g signal? Why do these problems appear?

The poor reception of 3g signal from the base station is usually caused by the remote location of the most mobile base stations of cell operators and (or) high building density in the surrounding terrain, which prevents the penetration of radio waves.


5 Potent Tips To Wipe Away The Worries Of Your iPhone 4S Battery Life

The recent mind-blowing innovation that garlanded the world is the iPhone 4S released by Apple Incorporation on October 4. With the splendid features of the previous versions, iPhone 4S is built with many other meritorious attributes like 1080 pixels video recording, 8 MP camera, voice assistant, dual-core A5 chip, enhanced graphics processor and much more. It also owns the pride of running on i OS 5, which is Apple’s newest mobile operating system and it also supports i Cloud, which permits wireless data storage of music and other information.