Steps to recover your lost password for your Yahoo Mail

There are many opportunities, you will lose your Yahoo mail /messenger password, and you cannot recover. Here are the steps required to perform.

The simple and the normal procedure is to go with this page, here you will be asked for your ID and Yahoo will need to confirm whether they haveused credit cards prior to this log, because if you are using a credit card account will be verified before any details of these CC charges. The next step will enter the details of your identity, you will register this as the Yahoo account to submit birth, zip code, and country etc.

Request a new password:

  1. Click the My Account link in the Yahoo! home page.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. On The account information page, click Change Password link

You will be prompted to change the password, something different. Recommend that your new password does not contain any of your old one, for security reasons. If the direction taken by you still cannot get a new password, please provide your information to this e-mail in your Yahoo! registration.

  • Yahoo! ID (If you cannot supply this ID, please give your alternate email address given during your original registration)
  • your name
  • Date of birth (mm-dd-yr)
  • your alternate email address
  • Secret Question and Answer
  • your city and state
  • Zip Code or Postal code you entered during registration
  • your country

If these programs do not work, you may lose e-mail. All Yahoos password recovery software is a fake, because they can recover the password.