What do we expect from SAMSUNG in 2014?

The South Korean Tech Giant Samsung has been hitting the headlines frequently in the techworld. Samsung is expected to launch the next generation Nexus 10 tablet, this year in 2014 in the CES. The tablet will be given a software brush up by Google.

Samsung’s Galaxy products are perhaps a threat to Apple’s iOS line of products.  It is about to release the new galaxy S5 with flexible display technology and that too in a damage resistant metal casing, thereby replacing the regular plastic casing. It may also come up with better screen displays with 2560 X 1440 pixels resolution. Other features of Samsung Galaxy S5 may include Exynos octa core processor with 64 bit architecture, Adreno 330 GPU and nbso 3 GB RAM, iris scanner, 4 MP front camera and 16 MP rare camera and of course a longer battery life. The company will be delivering a device with a wraparound screen in 2015.


Samsung is also expected to emerge with new features for its web connected smart TVs, which currently has features like voice and motion control and intelligent recommendation systems. The Samsung Smart TVs come with an Evolution Kit which enables its users to upgrade to the new features available time to time.

Samsung, this year will also be focusing on the software development making useful modifications to the Google android Operating System designed for Smart phones and tablets.