Rare Apple computer sells for $210,700

It’s all about smart technology purchases. A rare Apple-1 computer – the first ever made by company, purchased more than 30 years ago and which has sold for 425 times its original selling price.

Apple -1, about 200 to establish a co-founder of Apple Steve this machine working parents of the parking lot, the auction house Christie’s sold £ 133,250 in London today (about $ 210,700). Apple -1, but this does not include a tube, power supply, keyboard or monitor, the original retail 666.66 per start in 1976. Apple stops the pattern in 1977. Christie’s so-called computer “historic relic” includes all of the auctions of the original parts, including the 8K bytes of memory, in its original shipping box, and the letters signed work, the original owner. Only about 200 of the Apple-1 computers were produced, beginning in 1976. This one is unique in that it retains the original shipping box as well as a letter to the buyer from Steve Jobs.

The winner is the Italian businessmen and private collectors Marco Boglion, who made his offer over the phone, according to the relevant news. Personal computers sold in the most self-Conference package, Apple break a sale of the first fully assembled personal computer motherboards.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak researchers to attend the auction in London, throwing in a letter, autograph sales. Wozniak said he is proud to work with the technology of his celebrity as a mystery auction, World War II German code machine, and files from the British mathematician Alan Turing, pioneering modern computing.