Concept of web 3.0.- “Live for the future!”

Until 1999 the internet was taken as a useful media where anybody can make a heap of information which is supposed to be used by the people in search of such information.

Some examples given below will help you to understand.

Suppose you are looking for ‘Pizza’ you have to find its availability to your nearest location from the huge number of search engine result pages (by the time your appetite could have poke you out to a nearest cake shop to douse the fire with a pastry).

But in web 3.0 era you don’t even have to think of a friend who likes pizza! You got to write just that you are hungry and you want to get information on which shops you may get pizza first on the basis of your previous searches on likes and dislikes. Isn’t it like your personal assistant who knows that you like pizza when you are hungry! It is the magic of web 3.0 that uses resource description framework (RDF) and other applications which empower your machine and related software to read, analyze and produce results for you. Yahoo! search is believed to be based upon web 3.0.

Forget propagating:

This present era is all about sharing information. Hardly we can find out anybody who does not have a facebook, twitter and similar social networking accounts or profiles. This is nothing but the web 2.0 trends that asks everybody to share information either in elaborate way or in 140 characters. I can remember the rise of Blogger (in 1999) which has given the start to the exposer of expression openly. And within a few years came facebook and twitter that added sharing option to expression and the total thing got immensely popular!

But what’s about the web 3.0? Certainly it is managing the social contacts in structures to create a database which is available to the individuals in an inter-connected manner. It will help the individual to reach everything simply fast. So there is no need to be afraid that your work is going to be lost among other thousands. Machines and software are going to work for you in reaching people who are in need of exactly the service you render.

Think beyond reality –  Augmented reality.

With the advent of the smart phones and blackberry type services the web had already gone portable. The slender look of the web 2.0 had well matched with the format. But people have started to think beyond reality! The virtual reality came into being. In this world the 3D application took people to a new life where everything has gone virtual and people started to enjoy the things. The web 2.0 was the basis to introduce this. But soon the concept of virtual reality started to adopt augmented reality! And this is the introduction of another web 3.0 technology.

Now with a spectacle or camera or phone users are going to feel 3D experience for anything he or she is looking into. The users are going to feel and know anything anywhere. It encompasses from knowing any product on the go before buying or just to get information about any service. Just a desire to get anything will lead to projection of that in 3D model in front of eyes.

“Just think of the matter and everything will be in front you”.

To sum up the things I can say, let computer and software adapt the artificial intelligence. We will not even type anything in the search box of any search engine but will just think of the matter and everything will be in front of us. But till the web 3.0 comes out of the thinking pipeline web 2.0 is going to reign the World Wide Web. We have to admit that believing the reality is inevitable, rest is future! The evolution in the field of technology has bought to us the web 2.0 and one day web 3.0 will be reality. Who knows what will be the concept of web 4.0!