Product Review: The HP ProLiant MicroServer

Anyone in search of an AMD server-based CPU micro server for a small business should consider what options are available with Hewlett Packard. The HP ProLiant MicroServer with AMD and N36L Processor has it all for a small price, especially when a buyer uses a HP coupon code, which is a deal from Hewlett Packard that allow for discounts on purchases. What more can a small business ask for?

The AMD Athlon II Model NEO N36L Processor/785E Chipset, which is a HP ProLiant Micro Server, is not only a cost-effective starter for a small business but is a unit that can simplify file location and backup as well as enable safe and remote access to information. Briefly said, this general purpose server, with AMD64 technology, which costs as much as $219.95 will boost overall system performance, provide ultra low power, organize files and protect data.

If running an AMD 1.3GHz Athlon II Neo N36L processor is just too slow, with a bus speed of one 1000 MHz 16-bit Hyper Transport link operating at 1300 frequency, then, choosing the AMD Turion II Neo N40L processor, with a buss speed of 1600 MHz and operating at 1500 frequency may be more appropriate. By comparison, the AMD Athlon II Model NEO N36L has less processing power, a slower CPU and memory than the AMD Turion II Model Neo N40L.


If it is more bus speed one is after, then a buyer should go with the AMD Turion II Model Neo N40L, which is faster, more powerful, reliable and expandable than the AthlonII NEO N36L. The newer model HP ProLiant Micro Server N40L is indeed the server solution for small businesses and is perfect for a small or home office. It has these features:

  • Two DIMM slots
  • 2GB RAM and 1 x 250GB HDD
  • Low-power high efficiency
  • Error checking and correction (ECC) memory
  • Up to 4 LFF SATA pluggable hard disks and up to 8GB of RAM
  • Embedded AMD SATA controller with RAID 0, 1, but the controller does not support drive hot- swapping

It is also upgradeable. The price is $349.00 for the 2 GB Neo N40L system and $899.00 for the 4 GB one. So, as potential buyers can see the HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L is low-cost and offers high-performance.

Are you convinced about owning a HP ProLiant Micro Server–the solution for a small business–could be the one system you need? Whatever HP ProLiant MicroServer a small business decides on, either a dual-core processor Neo N36L or the N40L, they can be certain to have a top-notch server that is more affordable than the other HP ProLiant AMD server-based processors.

Software is included. Both servers include Microsoft SBS Essentials 2011 OS pre-installed. And, each HP Micro Server comes with the ProLiant management software, Service Pack for ProLiant and HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM), which installs and updates system software components on HP ProLiant servers.

Even though an AMD dual-processor chip tends to cost users less than a similar performing Intel chip, it makes sense for a small business to select the one of the HP ProLiant Micro Servers: Neo N36L or N40L. They tend to have the technical specs and options suitable for a business solution targeted at high performance and low power draw for embedded client applications.

Guest Post by Jeff Piper who is a tech savvy guy who enjoys reading, learning, and implementing the latest tech gadgets and updates.