[New Launched] Dell Streak 7 is available in the UK for £299

Now Dell Streak 7 is available in the UK for £299 ($432). It is launched with many other Android tables. Also it is available online at Dell’s website. Dell Streak 7 table is already available in U.S for $ 199 with a T-Mobile contract. Compared to Samsung Galaxy tab, Dell streak 7 is cheaper but it has a low screen resolution. Also Galaxy has better battery life.


Watch IPL 2011 Season 4 Live on Indiatimes or on Youtube

In previous three years YouTube was the only official broadcast partner for IPL Live streaming. In this year Indiatimes Collaborates with YouTube to Broadcast IPL all 74 IPL matches LIVES. Youtube is now broadcasting the IPL matches live on IndiaTimes Youtube channel. There are many sites to watch IPL matches live online. But here video quality is best than any other websites. There is another good for all the lovers of cricket you can watch highlights too on Youtube.


Block Adult Contents in your Browser

I am writing this post for all parents who are very much concerned about their children. As they can’t observe their child’s internet activity at all times. But among all websites in internet, there are many websites may not be suitable to minors for their sexual contents. So here is the solution which is provided by Microsoft on their Internet Explorer browser. It will surely ensure you that your children don’t see any types of sexual contents.


[How To] Get Free IPL 4 Live scores updates on your mobile

I think 2011 is going to be a busy one for cricket fans. And Especially in India now cricket looks like as a famous festival. Just few days after Cricket world cup 2011 [INDIA becomes the World ChampionJ], IPL 4 started with its own glamour on 8th April, 2011. By getting some advantages of cricket mania, Some Mobile service providers serve cricket updates such as live score, latest information regularly by a few monthly subscription rates.

But here we have listed a free SMS Alert channels for you so that you can keep yourself updated with the live scores, information, latest information etc during the tournament.


18 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With your Photo

Do you want to create some fun stuff with your pictures? Then check out the following websites. Surely these will keep you busy for couple of time. In this article I have shortlisted some interesting online Photo Editing websites where you can enhance your nice photographs with few clicks. Now you can easily create funny, interesting, amazing photos without having any kind of knowledge of photo editing. Most of them are free for you and also very easy to use. Let’s check it out….


Tips to Buy Used College Textbooks

When you buy used college textbooks online, there’re some factors you have to consider, many students make mistakes because they’re in a hurry to get the books.
First, check the integrity of the website you are going to be buying from; has it got an overall professional appearance? Does it have a verified business logo on the upper right or bottom of the page? If the site looks even slightly shady, don’t buy books from it. You can never be too careful.