A guide to the 3 best new tablets for 2011

2010 was the year of Apple and its iPad – this hybrid device positioned between a Smartphone and laptop was initially expected to not be that successful, however once people started using it and playing with the Apps from Apple’s App Store the complete opposite was true and a brand new technology sector was born! 2011 however is the year of the iPad killer with many different vendors launching competing products with wildly different specifications’ and price points in an effort to topple iPad from its perch at the top of the Tablet pyramid.


[How To] Play Online Angry birds in your Browser

It’s a very good news for Angry Birds lovers. Now they can play this game on their web browser. After a huge popularity of mobile and desktop version, Rovio Mobile (Game maker) collaborated with Google Inc. to bring this Online. Now you can easily play this most popular game without any cost on your web browser. It is built using WebGL. There are 1-20 levels in Online Angry Bird.


Emoinstaller Facebook Emoticons Adds a Creative Touch to the Facebook Chat Experience

In the era of technology, Facebook has become much more than just a social networking tool.

Facebook is now an essential part of our everyday routine, interacting with more aspects of our life than we could have possibly imagined just a decade ago. Finding friends, jobs, advertising our profession or entertaining ourselves are just a few examples of Facebooks’ every day uses.

As a medium of communication, it is widely accepted that real time instant messenger chatting is statistically the preferred method of contacting other people. So, when your spending a significant amount of time Facebook instant messaging it’s important to enjoy the process. Emoinstaller helps you add the spark back into instant messaging with its Facebook emoticon creativity.


Play Super Mario with Shotgun [Free Download]

I am sure that everyone remember the days when you played Super Mario for hundreds times. In our childhood it is the most popular video game that most of us played. Even now I am very interested to play Super Mario. Actually Mario is a fictional character, running towards the castle to save his girlfriend. But have you ever imagined how Mario looks like with a shotgun. It’s nice. Let’s check it. As earlier it has an easy interface.


How To Solve Your Slow Internet Connection Worries

With a high-speed net access, you are mostly sure of getting instant access to tons of useful information. In spite of this, net access is becoming slower than before and this is raising a lot of concerns among Internet users throughout the world. The pace of accessing the net is based on quite a number of characteristics and if anything happens to those factors, it will certainly affect the effectiveness of your Internet connection and thereby cause it to lose value in terms of speed.

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Top four ways to make money through your Blogs

Now Blogging is very much well known program for make money online. There are millions of public blogs exist around the whole web. Everyday hundreds of blogs are created. Money is the main reason behind all of these blogs. In my view Blogging is not the easiest way to make money online but you can say it is a best way to make money online. Here I am going to describe best four ways to make money through your blog.


How to Surf the Web Securely With Your Browser?

The most popular browsers currently are Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, however Google Chrome is another that proves to be one of the best. Regardless of which browser you use, you always want to ensure that your web surfing is safe and secure at all times. Regardless of the amount of plug-ins on the computer, you can still pick up infections on your system as well as compromise personal information if you are careless. The choice of the best browser is up to personal choice as all the top providers aim to integrate the latest and best security advances into the applications.