Product Review: The HP ProLiant MicroServer

Anyone in search of an AMD server-based CPU micro server for a small business should consider what options are available with Hewlett Packard. The HP ProLiant MicroServer with AMD and N36L Processor has it all for a small price, especially when a buyer uses a HP coupon code, which is a deal from Hewlett Packard that allow for discounts on purchases. What more can a small business ask for?


The Rise of Google Android from Cupcake to HoneyComb

Just a few years ago, search-giant Google was seen as the outsider in a developing smart-phone market when it launched Android, its mobile operating system. Now it controls one of the most powerful platforms, commanding an enviable market share and giving Apple a run for its money. The history of Android is an intriguing story, punctuated by the inventively named versions which have been released along the way.


6 Tips for Creating a Website That Sells

Online retail has come of age. In the U.S. alone, more than $12.7 billion worth of merchandise was sold online during the first 25 days of the November-December 2011 holiday season. With these kinds of figures, it’s no wonder why everybody wants to have a piece of the action. As opposed to traditional retail wherein you would need a substantial investment on top of your inventory cost: rent, overhead, staff, online retail offers relatively fewer hindrances. This doesn’t mean putting up an online retail operation is just a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes away, however. There are still challenges to overcome and issues unique to this type of retail to address.

The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

The reliable solution of the poor 3g signal

How often you can’t access your mobile Internet because of poor 3g signal? Why do these problems appear?

The poor reception of 3g signal from the base station is usually caused by the remote location of the most mobile base stations of cell operators and (or) high building density in the surrounding terrain, which prevents the penetration of radio waves.