Hide folder without installing any software

Here comes the tricks of keeping secrect files secure without installing any software in
your PC.There are some simple steps by which you can hide all your confidential files easily.
Yes, I know you can make one folder hideen to keep out of site of others.But the tresspasser
who use your computer he knows how to find out your hidden documents.So “Tresspassers should
be prosecuted”.With this method no one can even see,selecting “Show hidden files and folders” ,what you have hideen.Is it related to system file then?…Yes,this is.But unhiding the system file also no one can locate it,you can see the folder with control panel icon.Try to open the file and it will open the control panel.So keep hiding your personal documents,safely.Just follow the steps :

Google warned About Hackers

Many sites, 2010 was a really important year in terms of security. In the past year, gawker media, Google, twitter and facebook can have some security breach-there are many other great attributes, has been hacked.
In some irregularities, hackers took over the infrastructure of the site. In other cases, hackers have access to the user’s personal information.
The problem is, it can be a decent time in the user knows, the site has been hacked. Therefore, if the hackers have access to personal information, if the new user information, the hacker just got more personal information.

How to unlock Blackberry phones

Today everyone likes to use Blackberry phones for its nice features. All social media application,email,GPS everything within it. But almost every Blackberry phone comes with operator locked. But you can easily unlock it. Actually you need to come out from network restrictions. Just follow the below steps to unlock.

Increase Cell Phone Signals with Signal Boosters

You might have faced lots of issue in so your home while attending any important calls due to weak signals. What could you do in such situation?
Cell Phone Signal Boosters Will solve your problem. It is also known as cellular repeaters or amplifiers. Cell phone signal boosters will definitely reduce the number of dropped calls and even it definitely increases your cell phone cover area. Long distance calls would be very easy and most reliable.
There are lots of brands from which you can choose,like JD Teck,Wi –Ex zBoost.But we are most of familiar with zBoost.