Nokia N8’s Quick Review

Nokia N8 is another smart phone is considered to be one of the best cell phone for one year is a long-awaited Nokia fans around the world, but one can make them feel sad, because of severe defects, we found that the equipment and the final score, the device is not worth it.

The greatest feature on Nokia N8 is the  12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and xenon flash. It has a larger sensor than any time in any other Nokia devices use – even more than many people think that a dedicated camera.
Nokia N8 also introduced the ability to record high-definition video and editing equipment, smart built-in editing suites. Playback quality is equally important, and the 3.5-inch HD capacitive touch the window film is ideal for your assessment and lens. Have a HDMI connector allows you to hook your HD TV and smart phones to share your media with friends and family in excellence.
Nokia N8 also double as a portable entertainment center. To see the HD video quality and Dolby Digital surround sound and Huke Cheng added as a specialized network television news and entertainment to apply for.the Nokia N8 has 16GB of built-in storage and is expandable up to 48GB with a micro SD card.Powering the Nokia N8 is the all-new Symbian^3 platform.
Not to be outdone in the internal organs of the Nokia N8 carved from a single piece of anodized aluminum and looks glorious hanging in a prominent color. It will cost €370 (usually the local taxes and subsidies) to start shipping during the third quarter of 2010.