Mundu.Tv: Watch Live TV Channel On PC or Mobile

Watching TV is not easy to do these days. Missing you on your TV? You miss the collection of programs? Worried about TV fees? You’re looking for mobile TV? Well, this is a choice. Mundu TV is free to apply for both Windows and Mac desktop and mobile phones. Mundu Symbian mobile TV currently supports the BlackBerry Apps though, I Phone, and in the devices yet to come.

To get this application on mobile. Just send sms “TV” to 9212401234 and you’ll get Mundu TV on your mobile.

You can watch TV for 3 days immediately once your taste Mundu TV downloads. After 3 days, you can register account, and then you use this application for one month completely free. Therefore, it is cool right? We should not have any information to charge monthly fee for this service, it was still beta label. But they will officially step, we expect the price may be

I have personally tried Mundu TV on my PC, so here are some screenshots if you are curious about how it looks on screen.

Mundu.Tv on full screen, I was watching NDTV India while taking this screenshot.