Most useful android Apps of today

Android apps have ushered in a new world for the users with innovative and user-friendly products and the list is ever expanding. Unlike other OS, android today provides its users with a wide variety of applications that are interesting as well as very useful in our day to day lives.

The guide below will provide information on some of the most useful apps both free and paid available for android users and how they are making life easier.

  • Kaliki Audio Newsstand

Imagine getting all the dose of news and happenings while you are driving, that’s what Kaliki audio newsstand comes in play. Unlike any news radio, it is an audio content presented on demand. The app searches the internet and news agencies to source the news wanted.

  • Catch Notes

Another free app for android users is Catch note, a note taking tool that helps assimilate all kind of rambling ideas, thoughts into one database. By just spinning the wheel all the ideas can be captured and pinned to the main menu for reminder. This note-syncing app also has Geo-tagging option.

  • gvSIG Mini Maps

This app helps to assimilate maps both satellite and standard maps from locations like Google. Yahoo, Bing thus giving a comprehensive outcome. It has another features like address search and locating places of interest with navigation mode and tools like compass.



This to-do list manager is a simple yet highly user-friendly android application. The feature that attracted most users is its gesture based addition where the app adds items to the list based on prediction. Its minimalist user interface allows users to drag and drop lists into various folders and also connect it with other devices.

  • Mint

This is a read-only application for maintaining finances, from bank account to investments to credit card. This android application helps keeping a record of your budget and also informs you how any kind of spending or investment is going to affect your budget. With the simple layout the app also provides bar graphs to visualize cash flow.

  • Pocket

This free app is used to for managing all articles, videos or website from the internet that one wishes to read later. From blogs to news articles to photos, pocket helps to store all these for later viewing. The application also allows the user to read articles clean without the cluster of ads.

  • Onavo Extend

This nifty little app compresses data from the internet and reduces your device’s data footprint substantially. With Onavo Extend, you can literally extend your data plan without changing the way you access the internet.

  • Trust Go Antivirus & Mobile Security

The burgeoning popularity of the Android platform has increased security threats. To counter these very threats, there is Trust Go, which today has become a strong android security app. It also comes bundled with anti-theft features.

This gamut of applications are today becoming the most useful and constructive apps in the android market.

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