Monitor your server load from your desktop

Now no need to worry for server overload. You can easily monitor your server from your desktop.Just download this mysql monitor tool software and extract it and follow the following steps as follows.
After extracting the file you just need do two things-:

1. Configure the servers parameters:- Firstly edit the file config/servers.xml and add the data related to the servers you want to monitor.
2. Configure the charts:- Now you just edit the config/charts.xml to set the charts you want the program to plot
Under the Config folder you will find the files servers.xml and chart.xml, open them in Notepad and edit the details under the \server\ section.


<id>1</id> <!– A server id should be unique –>
<name>Instance1</name> <!– The server name. It is used to identify the exact instance in the program. –>

<host>localhost</host> <!– The host to connect to the server. –>
<port>3306</port> <!– The port the server is now getting you. –>

<username>user</username> <!– The username to connect. –>
<password>password</password> <!– The password to connect. –>


You can easily trace if any plug-in in your blog doing any malfunction kind of operation.