Monitor and troubleshoot your WiFi network

InSSIDer is basically free open source software by which you can scan your nearby wi-fi settings. With in the reach of your Wifi antenna it can track signal strength and trace security settings also.This tool will provide one stop solutions for all your Wi-fi essentials.

It”s a simple tool that graphically displays all the networks visible in your area, along with their relative signal strength. This tool provides various monitoring tools like SSID, RSSI, channel, Vendor, Privacy, Maximum rate, Latitude, Longitude and also Network type with a real time graph.

InSSider also exports wi-fi and GPS online casino data to a KML file which can be dgfev online casino later viewed in Google Earth. It can highlight access points for areas which have high Wi-Fi concentration and also filters the list of access points in an easy to use data formats.

In case of compatibility issues it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and also Windows 7 and all the recent versions of operating systems then comes its native support to wi fi api and also uses your present wireless network card which sorts out the results by SSID channel, Mac address, Time last seen and also the channel location.


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