Mig33 App for Making Cheap Calls & SMS

Today’s most popular application is MIG33.Its really nice. With this application in your mobile you can be connected with MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, GTalk all at a time.

It is totally free application. You just need to download it on your mobile phone. It is a java application. It will run on all java supported mobile phones.

Most important features-

  • Making Cheap Call– One of the amazing feature is that you can make very cheap international call, local calls to mobile phones or landlines from your mobile phone. The rates are varied from country to call in and to where you call to. It allows you to call up to 200 countries all network with clear sound, simple to use and easy to recharge options. Just think t that calls from India to landline in USA are Rs 1.925 per minute and to mobile is Rs 1.70 per minute.
  • Send SMS– You can send text message for a little low price for International SMS.
  • Chat Rooms– Most amazing feature is here you can create chat room for your own groups. You can also do Private chat.
  • Play games– You will get exclusive portal for playing games while chatting.