Make free phone calls from your PC…..

Ever wondered what more you can do more with a PC or Laptop with an internet connection other than chatting and Social Networking. Now you can make free calls to almost any phone in the world  from your PC or Laptop that has an internet connection. All you need is an PC /Laptop with an internet connection with minimum 512 Kbps bandwidth (the more the better), a microphone. If you have all of these stuffs then just Logon  to and there just dial a number and you are ready to go. You may just scare your friends as bizzare numbers are displayed on the phone. Although there is a limit of just two calls per day per IP address users can change their IP and can try again. The time of each call will be around 30 seconds, just enough to surprise your friends. So what are you waiting for……..Just logon and enjoy…………

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  • umeh ifeanyi

    pls how can i contact evaphone via mobile. pls contact me o email or through +2348068974072

  • admin

    No, till date this application is only for PCs. I guess that the developers will soon make it available for common smartphone OS like Android, IPhone etc…So till that time enjoy evaphone from your PC……

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