Laptop is Not switching on – What is The Remedy?

Laptops are ultimately machines and, like any other electronic gadget, have their own problems. When you purchase a laptop, you should admit the fact that there will be problems with it. Therefore, when you find your laptop computer not starting up, you should not panic. On the contrary, you should adopt some troubleshooting measures to detect the actual cause and resolve the issue. If you are afraid of losing your precious data, then you will be relieved to know that most of them are safe.

Refer to online computer repair services, if you are not confident in carrying out the task by yourself. In order understand why you are facing the startup problem you must know some facts about the power mechanism of your system. The rechargeable battery in your laptop is the prime mode of power generation in your laptop.


Charge the battery from time to time to maintain the normal functioning of your laptop system. Your battery power goes off without your notice – how frustrating the situation is! Monitor the battery usage and avoid such situation from taking place. Now, its time to check out the different reasons leading to the startup problem of your laptop.

Resolving Laptop Startup Problem

  • BATTERY FAILURE – ‘My laptop is not starting up’ – this is a common complain which can result due to battery failure. To verify whether the issue is really with the battery, you should check if your battery’s power light glows when you turn your laptop on. If the light doesn’t glow and the issue is not due to the AC adapter, then surely it is the battery problem.

A very easy solution to this problem is replacement of the existing battery.

  • MALFUNCTIONING OF THE AC ADAPTER – Is your laptop is not charged in spite of being plugged in? Say you have plugged in your AC adapter, switched on the power but cannot see the charging LED light. It probably happens when your AC adapter stops functioning because of some internal failure. To confirm that laptop’s charger is not the source of the problem, get a digital multimeter and check the amperage and voltage of your adapter output.

In case you find that it is below the recommended level, you should understand that it is time to replace your adapter. You can also check the adapter by connecting it to some other laptop and check whether it is working fine. If it is not, then the adapter is defective.

  • IMPROPER FIXING OF RAM – When you observe that neither the battery nor the adapter is the real culprit, you should verify whether the RAM card is installed properly. If it is loosely set in the motherboard, then you may face the startup issue. As a solution, you have to properly fix the RAM card of your laptop. If you are not that tech savvy, it is better to call up a PC repair professional for doing the task.

You will get an effective solution from the hardware repairing technicians of the online service providers. Subscribe to yearly remote laptop repair services plan to take care of such issues round the year. Call up the laptop repair firms now!