Interesting facts on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and three of his roommates created Facebook on 4th February, 2004. At this time Mark was a student at Harvard University. Now Facebook ranks top among all the social networks and second among all website, just after Google. All of us of the facebook users use facebook to communicate with friends. All these are common facts which many people may know. But here I introduce some interesting facts about facebook.thefacebook

  1. At first facebook was called as It is only for Harvard University students. After that it is changed to
  2. Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire!!!
  3. If we think Facebook as a country then facebook would be the fifth largest in the world, after China, India, United States and Indonesia.
  4. Lillian Lowe (104 year old woman) is the oldest user on the Facebook.
  5. China blocks facebook access and Syria, Vietnam and Iran bans facebook use.
  6. Mark Zuckerberg has 24% share in Facebook and other shareholder Microsoft has 1.3%.
  7. Five big offers to buy facbook :

i.  In June 2004, a stranger offered $10 million.

ii.  In March 2005, Viacom offered $75 million.

iii.  In the starting of 2006, for 3rd and last time Viacom offered $1.5 billion (At fast $800 million in cash and the rest payout later).

iv.  In June 2006, Yahoo offered $1 billion.

v.  In the end of 2007, Google offered $15 billion (the biggest offer).

All most 11 companies tried to buy Facebook but in the end all big deals are not possible for some reasons or refused by Mark Zuckerberg.