Increasing Your Competitiveness with E-Signature

In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the use of e-signatures worldwide. This isn’t surprising, considering the efficiency and productivity these tools add to any process requiring a signature.

  • E-Signatures: What They Are :  E-signatures, simply put, are seals in electronic form. They are used to express consent much like any other signature. The best e-signatures usually include bits of encrypted data that prevent tampering and forgery and add to the signature’s security. Electronic signatures are legally binding and protected under numerous laws. As such, they should be applied in the same manner as traditional handwritten signatures. Depending on the security data accompanying the signature, some forms of e-signature can prove to be even more defensible than handwritten signatures.
  • Advantages Of E-Signatures
  1. Mobile Signing – The ability to sign on a mobile device means that contracts can now be easily executed on the go. As with any e-signature, once the document is signed, all of the security data is recorded.
  2. Environmentally friendly – Since the need to print, sign, and fax has been eliminated, so too has the need for paper documents. Documents signed electronically are also stored online which eliminates clutter and saves resources.
  • Organizations Using E-Signatures: Many companies are now taking advantage of electronic signatures, especially in the e-marketing, advertising, and legal industries. Tax departments and banking institutions are also using e-signatures to speed up monetary transactions.

If you are considering using electronic signature software to increase your business’s efficiency, be sure to select a reliable provider. Some forms of electronic signature require the installation of special software, while others require only an internet connection. It’s wise to browse around and select the provider that best suits your business. Prices also vary, so you may want to consider your budget in making your decision.

The numerous benefits of e-signature can help any business. As these benefits gain more recognition, electronic signatures will become even more popular and inch ever closer to becoming the standard form of consent.

Guest Post By Mr. Moore is an expert in online technologies, including web applications, cloud computing, and E-signature technology. His articles on innovative products and new technology including those on electronic signature software have been published on leading online sites.