How to unlock Blackberry phones

Today everyone likes to use Blackberry phones for its nice features. All social media application,email,GPS everything within it. But almost every Blackberry phone comes with operator locked. But you can easily unlock it. Actually you need to come out from network restrictions. Just follow the below steps to unlock.

Follow the steps to unlock your BlackBerry Smart Phone
At first find the model no, model name and the operator where it is locked.
You can easily find it out from Box packaging or battery sticker.
Next you need to find out IMEI no. You can easily get it from can easily get it from battery label or dialing *#06# from your mobile.

After taking all the information you need to buy the unlocking code using paypal or google checkpoint.
Now you need to choose your model no and service provider from the drop down list. If you can’t find your model no, don’t worry, just choose any model of Blackberry.