How To Solve Your Slow Internet Connection Worries

internet-connectionWith a high-speed net access, you are mostly sure of getting instant access to tons of useful information. In spite of this, net access is becoming slower than before and this is raising a lot of concerns among Internet users throughout the world. The pace of accessing the net is based on quite a number of characteristics and if anything happens to those factors, it will certainly affect the effectiveness of your Internet connection and thereby cause it to lose value in terms of speed.

Most known causes of sluggish Internet connection are beyond what you can control if you’re not a learned computer expert, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be eliminated by you. With adequate knowledge of how to do it will make it easier for you to correct the unpleasant situation. In this article, we shall be seeing more about what you can do in order to solve your Internet connection worries so as to surf the net conveniently without any glitches, and here below are the insights to it.

  • Disturbance in Wireless Connection Can Cause Slow Speed

Sharing your connection among several computers requires a router and easy access between each computer on the network without any disturbance. Your Internet connection will work slowly if there are tall obstructive walls, tall and big trees and thick buildings in-between the host computer and the receiving ones at the other end. In order to avoid sluggishness in your Internet connection due to signal interference, re-arrange your wireless router placement for an optimum performance.

  • Wireless Router Configuration Matters a Lot

High-speed Internet router can be one of the factors responsible for your slow net access. if your router is not configured appropriately. You should make sure that your wireless router settings are conversant with your manufacturer’s and ISP’s prescription.

You must not change your router MTU settings; either to too high or too low because it can lead to poor performance in your connection and you should also make sure you have a rough sketch of the arrangement if things that went wrong so that you can be able to undo them.

  • Anonymous Background Applications

Some computer applications that use internet access have the abilities to run in the background mode of your computer unknown to you and through this start to consume most of your internet connection bandwidth and this is certain to result in slowness in connection speed.

  • Decrease Your Website Cache Storage

Another thing you can do in order to speed up your net access is to adjust your net connection cache settings and following these steps can help you in doing it:

On your computer screen, locate the “Start” icon, and pick “Control Panel” (C Panel) at the right hand side of the pop-up window. Then double click or left-click and right-click if you are on Macintosh. Select the tab “Settings”, decrease the “Disk Space” to zero or just lower it to any size you want and save the settings.

  • Run Disk Cleanup Option

By defaults, your computer’s temporary internet files are been saved on your computer memory and Windows has kept this files save from being deleted. It consists of unused programs and some internet files that are no longer in use and they occupy a lot of space on the computer and thereby decrease the speed of the computer which can also affect the speed of the computer internet access. You can clean up these clutters by following this simple to follow steps:

Go to Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Disk Cleanup, and follow the next computer screen instruction to cleanup your computer temporary files that can affect your Internet connection speed.

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