How to keep mobile in good condition?

Are you getting tired to get a response from your phone while you simply press one button? Actually this happens because of old firmware. Don’t discard it just follow some simple steps.

  • Update to latest firmware: Try to keep latest version of the operating system in your mobile. Most of the users ignore this. Actually  when your  operating system becomes old then simultaneously it looses memory optimization and memory management. Updating to latest firmware gives pretty much seamless experience.You just need to download latest version of software suite from the manufacturer site or sometimes it comes within the cd. But before updating your firmware make sure that battery charge is full and take a back up of it. Otherwise it may turn into a disaster for you.
  • Delete SMS: Don’t keep unnecessary message for long time.Try to back up all the messages using software suite.In this way you can keep your inbox clutter free and keep it zippy.
  • Useless application: Many firmware phones like nokia S60 operating system supports third party application.Sometime unused applications occupies unnecessary spaces. It ultimately slows the starting time of the device.
  • Free memory card : If you are not using full memory of your memory card replace it with smaller capacity card. It will definitely reduce the time required for

Phone to index  the card’s content and speed up the access time to the data on the card itself. Move older files which have accumulated over the lifespan of your device.