[How to] Identify an image using Google Image Search

If you have an image or photo in your computer and you want to search more similar photo or want to know about the picture then what to do?

Google helps you in that kind of problem. A few days ago Google attach this special feature in Google Image Search. It is not a simple task to search that kind of information. Unique snaps with different background color makes it complex. But Google will search and give you a best result regarding your image.

Here I am going to describe you the simple procedure to (How to) search Images and see the results.

First of all here I select a celebrity photo named “Picture.jpg” from my computer. By this type of name, there is no clue for Google in this file name.


Step 1: Open Google.com


Step 2: Then go to Google image search


Step 3: Here you can see a little camera icon at the right side of the input text box. Click on this icon. Then a Popup window appears.


Step 4: Click “Upload an image” because the picture is on my computer.


Step 5: Then click on “Choose File” to select the selected image and Check it. It’s awesome.


That’s it. Now we know who it is: Michael Jackson. Interesting!!!!

The result is cool. You’ll see Top search pages about Michael Jackson. And Google not only shows the best guess for this picture but also shows website and picture that include visually similar picture in various sizes.

It’s just simply awesome. Now check it!!! 🙂