[How to] add Ringtones to the iPhone 4S

iphone-invisibleWith all of the high-tech things the iPhone 4S can do, sometimes you’ll just want to change the ringtone on it. There are a few ways to change the ringtones, whether it’s purchasing new ones or creating your own. When it comes to how your iPhone 4S gets your attention, you’re never going to find yourself short on options.
For customizing the ringtone, one of the newer methods that is as straight to the point as it gets is the iTunes Tones Store. This is a new store that Apple introduced with iOS 5 to streamline the process of adding new ringtones and notification sounds to your device. To get to the Tone Store, all you have to do is load up iTunes. Tap the more button, followed by pressing Tones, and you’ll be at the Tone Store. From here, you can browse available tones in a manner that is similar to how you search for music. You can view tones by chart ranking, genre or artist. You can also just search for what you’re looking for, if you don’t see it right away.

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 The Tones Store is very convenient, but it’s not without its shortcomings. For starters, no matter how broad the selection is, it’s never going to be broad enough to appease everyone who wants a new ringer. If you’re looking for a current song by a popular artist, you should have no problems, good luck finding that obscure B-side from your favorite underground mid-90’s alternative group in the Tone Store. Another limitation of the Tone Store is that even if you find the song you’re looking for, it might not be exactly the part of the song you want. You might want an instrumental and all you can find is a ringtone with words. Or the ringtone available might be the chorus, but you really prefer the bridge. Basically, it’s a big store, but there are just so many possibilities for ringtones that the Tone Store can never satisfy everyone.

There are drawbacks to using the Tone Store though. You’ll use data downloading ringtones, and that can be pricey. SIM only deals for iPhone will let you save on data by just connecting your iPhone to the Tone Store via WiFi. But if SIM only deals for iPhone aren’t an option, for you, then you’ll use data. There will also be instances where the Tone Store doesn’t have what you want, or you just don’t want to pay money for a brief clip of a song. When this happens, you can make your own ringtone. Services that let you create your own ringtone on a website and send it to your phone have been around for years. You have an iPhone, though, and that means no more going through this hassle. Several apps on the iTunes store will let you make a ringtone from a song you already have without ever touching a computer. An app called Dring is a popular one, and others such as Ringtonium will also get the job done. Using the app, you can splice out the section of a song you already own and set that as a ringtone or notification sound.
If you’re the type to want to create your ringtones on your Mac – perhaps you just like working with a larger screen – then the Mac App Store features an app called Ringer. The app lets you choose a song from your library, and gives you the added convenience of editing it on your Mac’s screen instead of the iPhone’s comparatively tiny one. Once you’ve edited it, just drop it onto your iPhone and set it up as your ringer through the settings.
Between these options, you should have no problems getting your iPhone set up with a ringtone you’ll love. A combination of the Tone Store and being able to make your own ringtones will ensure that you’ll never have to deal with a ringtone you’re sick of. Just follow these tips, and your iPhone will be an even better reflection of who you are.

 This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website SimOnlywhere you can get Sim only deals for iPhone 4S and other mobile devices.