How can I improve my blog’s alexa rank?

How-can-I-improve-my-blog’s-alexa-rankI hope this is the most frequent question which comes in all bloggers mind. Especially for those who are new in blogging. There are lots of debates on this topic. Many bloggers have their own views about alexa. (89FBMPUKUBJ8) I think alexa rank has a great role on advertising. And it is the best ranking system in the world. Here I will share some useful tips to increase Alexa rank of your blogs.

  • Update your blog frequently:

I think it is the most important criteria to improve Alexa rank of your blog. It will automatically improve if you post your contents regularly. Try to update your blog frequently with good contents. It’s better to update daily for good Alexa rank but if you not able to do so then at least update 3 days in a week.

  • Write quality contents to get Quality Traffic:

It is impossible for Alexa to know your original numbers of visitors. But it has very important role for alexa ranking. And the only way to getting quality traffic is by writing quality content.

  • Getting links from quality sites:

Try to get links from quality sites. Alexa also works as a search engine. It crawls. Just wait and try to get more links and you will see the effect on your eyes.

  • Use Alexa Toolbar:

This is the main basic step to increase your Alexa rank. Download the Alexa Toolbar and install it.  Now the Alexa toolbar is only available for the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. In Google chrome, you can use SEO Status Page rank/Alexa Toolbar. Now set your blog as homepage in all browsers. Also set your blog as homepage in your friends, relatives home and also in cyber cafes.

  • Use Alexa Widget:

Use an Alexa Widget in your blog. It’s a useful tip to improve Alexa ranking. You can use Traffic Rank Button, Traffic Graph, Site Stats Button widgets. Just customize their size with options and then place it your blog.

  • Write about Alexa:

There are huge demands for the tips to improve Alexa ranking. Many bloggers and webmasters love to learn it. So, write about Alexa to get a number of traffic for your blog. Use Alexa as a category or use a tag.

  • Use Alexa Reviews:

Some bloggers claim this tip is useful for them. Let’s check it. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues, to write a review about your blog in Alexa and give a rate your blog. Also you are most welcome to write a Review for Techinsert.

  • Claim the Blog & Update information:

Claim your blog by an Alexa account or by using your existing facebook account. And verify by uploading a text file or using a Meta tag code.

Let’s share your experiences in comments. 🙂