Gwibber: Social networks in Single Platform

gwibber_logoIt’s Great news for Linux’s social network users. Now they don’t need to login to different social network sites like twitter,, StatusNet, Facebook, Digg, flickr etc one by one. By Gwibber now you can get all these in a single platform.

Gwibber is an open source microblogging client which supports many different social networks in Linux. It provides a combined stream of all your messages.

You can easily download it from

How to configure it?

  • First Open Gwibber from Applications. Then select social networking site from the list (add new account for).
  • After select click Add button —> A Click on Authorize button
  • Now you can see login page for twitter. Then provide your username and password and click on Login button.
  • Therefore it will ask you for allowing Gwibber to access your twitter account —-> A Click on Allow.
  • Now add it in your list of social sites —> Finally Click on Add button


Now you can add more sites by clicking similarly on Add button. Also Gwibber supports, more than one Twitter account it means you can see them together in the same screen.

Let’s enjoy Gwibber!!!