Google warned About Hackers

Many sites, 2010 was a really important year in terms of security. In the past year, gawker media, Google, twitter and facebook can have some security breach-there are many other great attributes, has been hacked.
In some irregularities, hackers took over the infrastructure of the site. In other cases, hackers have access to the user’s personal information.
The problem is, it can be a decent time in the user knows, the site has been hacked. Therefore, if the hackers have access to personal information, if the new user information, the hacker just got more personal information.
Google on Friday announced that it hoped to make it easier for people to know when a site may be cut in its search engine results.
This is not the first step in Google’s efforts to help people stay safe, and search. Search engines have informed people that they will visit the Web site, may have penetrated into the attack program. This ensures that users do not did not download the program.
Google is the implementation of the new features of the site will be the result of additional “This site may be compromised ” warn the user, the site may be unsafe. In this way, users can get rid of, until the hackers out of control.
Google will also work to inform the site’s site and let them know that they think their website hacked. When the problem has been fixed, Google will remove the warning.
Cisco’s annual security report, the company said, more social networking sites as the Internet, it is important to users are aware, perhaps unsafe. Their personal information should remain in their personal data.