Google’s Music Search Engine For Indian Users Now Live

Great news! Google Music is currently in India – although it is the only Hindi songs.

Google’s power in India, Google has been 3 months online music service in,
saavn and saregama.
WSJ reported, Google is planning to start a music service in India, to help users find and
download legal online streams and the fight against digital piracy.
We are just beginning to taste the term of service, is now in / music.
Currently only Hindi songs, music search engine promises, users can search and real-time
thousands of full songs, which is Google’s partners in India (, saavn and saregama).
Anyone can use the search engine, or even outside India. Search results can be immediate
and free streaming network player in the pop, you can filter results based singer, actor
and release date. Some do not choose to buy music directly.
Whether the initiative would effectively curb the piracy of digital music remains to be
seen in India.
A year ago, Google launched a music search engine in the U.S. and myspace / ilike and Lara
(the latter is closed, Apple’s acquisition).
The main difference is that in the United States, Google is only preview songs, and not
the full track.
Finally, let us not forget that Google is also a true digital music store / locker
service, which will likely be asked to google music.
Therefore, to see. Let us know what you think.