Games for Windows Marketplace

Microsoft  PC gamers are still serious about passing out of the game software and test the ideas introduced in this new rail system gamers that have been connected to the digital game download.
The company is announcing today a new online store for gamers, digital copies of games – old and new, from just their browsers. The site opened on Nov. 15 to keep the game moniker Windows Marketplace, an online version available through the company’s long-game of the Windows Live software, the client, even though these actions were.
This user is browsing the catalog for about 100 games to buy them the right to explore for more information, download the browser. The client software will still require a large game files, discussed the issue in an interview earlier this week of a group project manager of Xbox, Peter orullian.
“For people who have the client–the client will morph into a tool they might use for different reasons, but if mostly what people were using the client for was just to go and purchase the games, that’s what we’ve solved, because a lot of those people have said, ‘It’s just extra work,'” Orullian said.
Another step Microsoft has removed from the PC game buying experience is the need to buy games with Microsoft Points–the tech titan’s virtual currency. If users have points in their account from Xbox or Zune marketplace transactions, they can still use those, but there is now an option to just pay with a credit or debit card. When asked if that had been a point of contention from within Microsoft, Orullian said it wasn’t.
In addition to the purchase option, Microsoft is used to refresh online game market, what information can be changed to the user. Include things like plug-in, if they are part of the directory will include not only race page, but in the purchase. This is to play games such as the series of Bethesda, where a large number of downloads.
The new mayor also leverage RSS feeds, developer, so shoppers can see the most recent update of the site’s news items from a particular developer. Description orullian not filtered unless otherwise about the same through the game’s other online game sales, the distributor has not been seen.