Free Voice Calls and SMS for Android and iPhone | Download Viber Application

viber-application-logoViber Application, is an Free Application to make free phone calls between two Viber application installed people. It is only for Android phones and iPhones owners.

By this Application you can easily call your friends with its great sound quality via Wi-Fi or via 3G networks (only internet access fees required). Once this application was activated then there is no need to enter Username or Password.


Download Viber Android App
Download Viber iOS App

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Viber application is fully free with its full features. You can use it to call a Viber friend online casino (Your friend must have Viber application) as much as you want or SMS unlimited times to your viber friends. Where your friends and you are? Seriously it does not matter. Also you are both in same network or not? – doesn’t matter.  Just you need to access Internet – It may be through a 3G or Wi-Fi network. Whatever it is? But this is enough for free calling. Also Viber does not contain any Ads and No need to add buddies.