[Free download] Now Firefox 4.0 is Available with new Features

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is launched and now available for download. Firefox 4.0 was supposed to release in November 2010.  But here it is, almost the end of March 2011. Some delayed occur because before release Firefox 4.0 was gone through 12 Beta developments and two Release Candidates.


New Firefox 4.0 Features:


  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 comes with a new graphical interface
  • More speed
  • Improved startup time
  • More support for HTML5 and flash
  • Support WebM
  • Improved graphics acceleration hardware
  • Integrate a new generation JavaScript engine
  • Massive improvement in terms of performance
  • Improved security
  • Support for Windows XP and also Windows 2000

Firefox 4.0’s consistent evolution:  more Modern, Faster and Easier

Download directly through Mozilla’s FTP servers:

Let’s try it and share your experiences in comment.