What do we expect from FACEBOOK in 2014?

Facebook will be celebrating its 10th birthday this year in 2014. Facebook opened its first overseas datacenter in Sweden last year in 2013. With more than one million advertisers and about 25 million small business company pages, Facebook launching its “auto play video ads” is expecting its revenue to reach heights. These “auto play video ads” would presumably be hard to ignore. In 2014, Facebook is supposed to bid adieu to the “right hand side” type ads and shift more towards page post ads and apps install ads. Facebook is also supposed to continue its shift away from engagement ads to performance based ads solutions in 2014. It would be no more surprising if we see Facebook supporting Twitter-like additions such as showcasing and aggregating hash tagged terms, in its product ads in 2014.


With Facebook supposed to modify its content displaying algorithm, an advertiser would require to make payments or promote his/her content so that it’s visible to the users. The advertising budget would certainly increase. But what about non-profit organizations, who are already spending tens of millions of dollars to find followers on Facebook? With changes in their algorithm and Facebook charging higher for displaying ads and contents, will the non-profit organizations be willing to spend that money just for the sake of maintaining the value?