Enable 2-Step Account Verification

Google has introduced two steps Account verification for some of its Google Apps accounts back in September 2010. Now this extra security feature will included for all Gmail users. If you are a Gmail user then either you have already got this in your account or you are going to get it soon.

Google-logoNow it’s not just your email that is managed with a Google account. We have access to various important applications and so many other important services (like ad sense, ad word, webmasters tools and so many) with Google. So now having this verification is a much desired feature for us. Using 2-step verification will help prevent strangers from accessing your account.

First in one-step verification system: you have to provide the system with- a valid username and password combination to gain access to the system. But it can be easily hacked. If someone gets your credentials, they can log in from anywhere, and take control of your account.

Secondly in two-step verification system, Google will ask you to enter a code which is sent via SMS to the phone number associated with your account. This surely reduces the chances of anyone gaining access to your account. So this security measure will be almost highly secured.

To activate 2-step verification:-

  • Once you sign-in to your Google Account, Go to your Google Account Settings page.
  • Here you’ll see a new link, “Using 2-step verification.” Click that and follow the prompts to activate this powerful new security feature (as seen in image below).
  • Enter the code which is sent via SMS to the phone number associated with your account. From then on you need to use your password and also the verification code.

Google says it will take 15 minutes to properly reconfigure your account and also Google has given you the chance to have the system only prompt you to verify every 30 days.

Two-step verification
Two-step verification